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Words Within Words
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SOUL = Spirit Of Undying Love©   SPIRIT = Soul Persisiting In Reaching Its Truth©   TRUTH = The Raw Undeniable Told Hear©   LAWS = Land Air Water Sun©   EARTH = Enjoy And Respect This Home©   HOPE = Heal Our Planet Earth©   DREAM = Dare Risk Endeavor Accomplish Magic©   TRY To Risk Yourself©   VICTORY = Visualize It Create The Outcome Realize Yourself©      Acronym Axioms™   Initial Vibrations™   Universal Acronyms™   Words Within Words™
Welcome to Words Within Words™, where the words within the words reveal a deeper meaning. Some may inspire you, others will make you think, a few might get a laugh, and a couple of them will move you.  Browse around and see what strikes you. An acronym, word or phrase is bound to ring true with you and resonate so strongly that you will want to have it around you immediately.               Words Within Words is reprinted from the book:  “Words Within Words, The Collection of Acronym Axioms, Initial Vibrations, Universal Acronyms & Words Within Words”, written by Michael S. Purcell.
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